Issuance of the environmental opinion for the REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM FOR THE NORTH-WEST REGION 2021-2027

The Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests announces to the interested public about the decision to issue the environmental opinion materialized by the Environmental Opinion no. 65/10.12.2021, in accordance with the provisions of GD no. 1076/2004 regarding the establishment of the procedure for carrying out the environmental assessment for plans and programs, for: THE NORTH-WEST REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM 2021-2027, holder NORTH-WEST REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY.

The goal "North-West Regional Operational Program 2021-2027" is to contribute to the sustainable development, to the valorization of the natural, material and human resources of the NV Development Region, for the purpose of sustained, constant development that will make it one of the most dynamic European regions, so that by 2030 there will be a network of interconnected and innovative localities that use technology to facilitate sustainable development.

The environmental approval, the reasons behind its issuance, the measures regarding the monitoring of the effects on the environment and the draft plan in the approved form can be consulted at the following addresses: and

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