ADR North-West organized an event dedicated to the development of industrial parks in the North-West development region

Between December 10-11, 2021, in Oradea, the North-West Regional Development Agency organized a working visit attended by representatives of the UATs who expressed their intention to support the development of industrial parks in the North development region -West.

Through the North-West Regional Operational Program 2021-2027, there will be the possibility of financing such initiatives: "Supporting the development of business support structures that will in turn administer grants in favor of the supported SMEs, from the North-West region, Romania" .

During the two days of the event, there were presentations on:

⏺the concept of an industrial park and its creation/expansion mechanism;

⏺types of projects to be financed through the NV 2021-2027 POR: eligible beneficiaries, eligible activities, eligible expenses, including types of investments financed by grants for SMEs to be located in these structures;

⏺a visit, organized alongside Oradea Local Development Agency , at two of the Industrial Parks in Oradea to understand the good practice model that can be exploited and replicated in the region.

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