ADR Nord-Vest and INNO launch the StartUp LevelUP educational project in August

The Northwest Regional Development Agency and INNO launch the educational program in August StartUp LevelUP.

This educational program aims to initiate those who are willing to take the step into the world of entrepreneurship. It is organized by levels and contains different themes and activities that help participants develop, regardless of their stage. Whether they have just decided that they want to be entrepreneurs, or they already have a business that they want to develop, the program has solutions and useful information for everyone.

StartUp LevelUP it is not a strictly theoretical program, but a practical and interactive one, and on it the students will learn to apply the entrepreneurial methodologies and tools needed to have a successful start-up.

first level, Level 1: Entrepreneur Mindset, launches on August 8 and focuses on self-discovery, identifying values and understanding the entrepreneurial mindset.

For more details about this program you can access the link:

 "Entrepreneurship is 100% mindset and practice, and entrepreneurs will get plenty of both in INNO's educational program. An entrepreneur does not ask himself if he can do a business, but in which industry he can do a business. Mentality is very important, the ability to identify trends or notice the subtleties of an industry, the initiative and determination derived from a set of SMART objectives, the realization of plans to achieve them under conditions of uncertainty and limited resources, the motivation to overcome obstacles and focus essentially, these are just some of the common traits of the most successful entrepreneurs. In the first three modules of INNO's entrepreneurship program, entrepreneurs will discover their strengths, identify industries or areas where they can be successful, and find their role in the ideal team they need to bring their idea to market." says Laviniu Chiș, coordinator of the INNO platform, business consultant and passionate about start-ups.

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