Purchase of catering services

Purchase object: catering services for entrepreneurial discovery workshops

Purpose of purchase: the purchase of catering services – for the purpose of organizing 5 entrepreneurial discovery workshops

Period: March 2020


  • Lot 1: March 3 – Cluj-Napoca, USAMV, Calea Manastur no. 3-5, Institute of Advanced Horticultural Research of Transylvania, hall 1- Green Amphitheater and Council Hall et. 1,
  • Lot 2: March 4 – Oradea, Oradea City Hall, Piața Unirii 1, Oradea 410100, Great Hall and Small Hall
  • Lot 3: March 9 – Cluj-Napoca, Cluj HUB, Centrul Comercial CENTRAL, Strada Ferdinand 22-26, Floor 3, Cluj-Napoca 400110
  • Lot 4: March 13 – Baia-Mare, Baia-Mare City Hall, Strada Gheorghe Şincai 37, Baia Mare 430311
  • Lot 5: March 16 – Bistrita-Năsăud, BN Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Str. Petre Ispirescu no. 15A, Bistrita-Năsăud 420081

Catering services – March 2020 – the exact time of each event will be sent at least 3 working days before the date of the event, and the final number of people per event will be sent 1 working day before each event.

Purchase object description (technical specifications):

Coffee break composed of:

Espresso coffee, mineral / flat water by bottle 0.33 ml, selection of teas (minimum 2), hot water for tea, 1 assortment of nectar juice by bottle of 0.33 or 0.25 ml and 1 assortment of carbonated juice by bottle of 0.25 ml.

Condensed milk for coffee, brown sugar, artificial sweetener stick, biscuits for coffee.

Sweet and savory pastry (3 types, 50 g/person)

Mini sandwiches

Napkins, glasses, cups, mugs, plates, cutlery will also be provided.

Included services:

Transport+Setting up and decorating the buffet+Disposal

Estimated value/person: 45 LEI/person without VAT

Number of participants per total event: maximum 300 people.

Number of events: 5.

The final number of participants will be confirmed 1 working day before each event, the total number may be higher or lower than the initial number.



Term of delivery/performance/execution: It will be established for each individual event, and will be communicated to the service provider 3 working days before the date of the event.

Award criteria: the lowest price / total offer, subject to the full fulfillment of the requirements and technical specifications. 

Additional information can be obtained from the Contracting Authority: ADR Nord-Vest, secondary headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no 3, code 400118, phone +40264431550, fax: +40 264439222, email: achizitii@nord-vest.ro, to the attention of the Public Procurement Office.

Deadline for submitting offers 26.02.2020 at 12:00

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