Portfolio of projects in preparation for the period 2021-2027

By GEO no. 88/27.05.2020, the Government of Romania approved the establishment of measures regarding the granting of financial support from non-reimbursable European funds, in the current programming period 2014-2020, for the preparation of the portfolio of projects in strategic fields considered a priority for Romania in the programming period 2021- 2027. The funding is granted through the Technical Assistance Operational Program 2014-2020 (POAT 2014-2020) and through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020 (POIM 2014-2020).

The Ministry of European Funds (MFE) through the POAT 2014-2020 Management Authority published on July 17, 2020 The applicant's guide – specific conditions for accessing the funds intended for the preparation of infrastructure projects in the fields

  • urban mobility,
  • urban regeneration,
  • road infrastructure of county interest, including detours and/or connecting roads,
  • leisure centres/tourist bases (school camps) and
  • infrastructure and public tourism services, including heritage sites with tourism potential.

This call for projects comes to the aid of several types of administrative-territorial units (UATs, ADIs) and the Ministry of Tourism with non-refundable funding for the development of technical-economic documentation in order to prepare a portfolio of projects in the period of 2021 -2027.

The financial allocation related to the North-West Development Region to support the preparation of the technical-economic documentation for the 5 fields is 38,680,615 lei, from 304,031,854 lei allocated at country level.

Following the selection of project files submitted between 29.07.2020 and 21.08.2020, based on the Methodology for the evaluation of POAT 2014-2020 NV project files, 45 technical-economic documents were identified, as follows:

  • urban mobility – 16 projects
  • urban regeneration – 15 projects
  • road infrastructure of county interest, including detours and/or connecting roads – 6 projects
  • recreation centers/tourist centers (school camps) – 2 projects
  • infrastructure and public tourism services, including heritage sites with tourism potential – 6 projects

Urban Mobility

BeneficiaryProject TitleTotal investment value for the project (LEI)
1Baia Mare municipalitySustainable urban mobility through the creation of the major shared public transport system and "park and ride" in the Municipality of Baia Mare 143,746,050.00
2Oradea municipalityThe Magheru - Republic mobility corridor in Oradea Municipality143,746,050.00
3The municipality of Cluj-NapocaThe increase of the pedestrian area and the development of sustainable ecological mobility on the East-West Axis, a strategic mobility corridor, in two sections: 1.) the Piata Maraști area and the adjacent streets (21 Decembrie 1989 avenue – partially, A. Vlaicu street – partially, strada Fabricii - partially, Aleea Bibliotecii and the adjacent area) and 2.) Calea Motilor, Calea Mănăştur, Str. Uzinei Electrice, Str. Marginasa"143,692,500.00
4The municipality of ZalauModernization of the shared public transport system, Zalău municipality
5Bistrita municipalityMobility corridor related to the Bistrita river144,109,000.00
6The municipality of Satu MareDevelopment of supporting infrastructure and environment108.000.000
7SeiniIncreasing the capacity of non-motorized transport in the city of Seini72,599,758.00
8Sprie bathroomCreating the Baia-Sprie-Mogosa-Suior mobility corridor by building a Park and Ride, developing the bike-sharing infrastructure, by arranging pedestrian access to the bike-sharing areas36,238,500.00
9I chooseUrban mobility corridor: Alesd Sud- Alesd Nord29,363,980.66
10AlreadyIncreasing sustainable urban mobility in the municipality of Dej through the purchase of electric buses, the expansion and development of the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on the Valea Jichis route.53,350,000.00
11StarUrban mobility corridor in the city of Stei38,936,169.69
12The living roomUrban Mobility by creating bicycle and pedestrian paths71,993,820.00
13Michael's ValleyReducing carbon emissions in Valea lui Mihai City, Bihor County - stage 232,775,836.00
14DirtyDevelopment of urban mobility III- Beclean Smart City37,926,906.93
15DaisyCreation of an integrated mobility corridor in the Municipality of Marghita128,805,601.60
16HuedinIntegrated mobility in Huedin71.510.640 

Urban Regeneration

BeneficiaryProject TitleTotal investment value for the project (LEI)
1Baia Mare municipalitySustainable urban regeneration through the rehabilitation of some markets, parks and bike paths in the Municipality of Baia Mare.43,123,815.00
2Oradea municipality"Urban regeneration and increasing the quality of green spaces in the Municipality of Oradea"43,123,815.00
3The municipality of ClujRehabilitation of IL Caragiale park and Octavian Petrovici street25.547.494,05
4The municipality of ZalauUrban regeneration CET Zalău area1,920,000.00
5Bistrita municipalityUrban regeneration in the Lac MHC area43,232,700.00
6The municipality of Satu MareReconversion and re-functionalization of degraded and unused land located on the banks of Someș26,091,720.00
7SeiniArrangement of urban public space24,190,320.00
8SacksA greener Săcueni 19,126,558.00
9AlreadyFunctional reconversion and/or reuse of abandoned and unused land and surfaces in the Dealul Florilor district, Dej.1 municipality6,078,411.84
10StarUrban regeneration of green spaces, derelict and degraded spaces in the city of Ștei 127,636,107.28
11Michael's ValleyThe green valley16,058,812.00
12DirtyDevelopment and Regeneration of public spaces in the city of Beclean24,984,646.93
13TurdaRegeneration of the degraded area in the Bai Sarate neighborhood, Turda, by creating a new public urban park.28,749,210.00
14NasaudThe urban regeneration of the neighborhood of blocks, in the city of Năsăud, Bistrita Năsăud County - stage I.14,495,400.00
15DaisyUrban regeneration measures in Marghita Municipality6,283,272.72

Road infrastructure of county interest

BeneficiaryProject TitleTotal investment value for the project (LEI)
1CJ ClujPreparation of the technical-economic documentation related to the county road DJ 103K km 9+435 – km 35+155, for the preparation of the project financed from the programming period 2021-202762,136,948.00
2CJ BihorRehabilitation DJ709A: Belfir, > (DJ792A) – Soimi – Pocola (DN 76), Bihor County94,058,790.36
3CJ Bistrita NasaudRehabilitation DJ151 km 45+810-126+736221,656,409.00
4CJ Satu MareModernization of county road DJ193 Satu Mare-Borlesti-Maramures county border, km 1+300-41+300163,100.00
5CJ SalajThe Meseșului Road213,262,066.54
6CJ MaramuresMara-North222,557,984.00

Leisure centers/tourist bases (school camps)

BeneficiaryProject TitleTotal investment value for the project (LEI)
1Ministry of TourismRehabilitation of the Leisure Center "Sângeorz-Băi"14,374,605.00
2Ministry of TourismRehabilitation of the Leisure Center "UABS Șuncuius"15,237,081.30

Public tourism infrastructure and services, including heritage sites with tourism potential

BeneficiaryProject TitleTotal investment value for the project (LEI)
1Carei/CJ Satu MareThe integrated and sustainable development of heritage and cultural tourism in the municipality of Carei – Karolyi Complex and Dendrological Park57,498,420.00
2CJ Bistrita NasaudRehabilitation of the Castle of Teleki Comlod17,824,510.20
3CJ SalajUpdate of technical and economic documentation for the "Beldy Castle Complex Restoration" project.17,792,587.66
4Cluj-NapocaDevelopment of the Cetătuia urban complex in Cluj-Napoca86,247,630.00
5Oradea cityThe rehabilitation, restoration and re-functionalization of the walls of the Oradea fortress (bastions, curtains and counterscarp) in order to introduce them into the tourist circuit - Oradea Fortress - European multicultural and multi-denominational center - stage IV186,247,630.00
6Seini/ CJ MMSynagogue building restoration24,149,336.40
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