More effective policies in the field of urban mobility - the TRAM project starts

The North-West Regional Development Agency - as a partner in the TRAM project, financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Program INTERREG Europe 2014-2020 - will provide the county seat municipalities in the Region with the necessary support to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the development of local policies in the field urban mobility.

The TRAM project - "Elaboration of Action Plans for sustainable urban mobility" has as its main objective the stimulation of collaboration in the field at the level of partners, through the exchange of best practices and the joint learning process that will thus facilitate the transition to more efficient urban transport modes, cleaner and more sustainable.
The project brings together 5 partners from 5 European countries, the coordinator of the consortium being the Marche Region from Italy, together with the Government of the Andalucia Region from Spain, the Blekinge Region from Sweden, the Municipality of Miskolc from Hungary and ADR Northwest from Romania. TRAM has a total budget of over 1.26 million euros, the ADR Nord-West budget being 122,390 euros.

The project is to be implemented in the period April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2021, one of its pillar activities being the development of Action Plans for partner regions that will aim to improve policies in the field of urban mobility and that will be perfected by involving all interested factors, having based on the lessons learned during the experience exchange process.

Gergely TÖRÖK, Cristina DAVID

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More effective policies in the field of urban mobility - the TRAM project starts
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