Organizational measures to limit the spread of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19)

In order to limit the spread of the new type of coronavirus COVID-19, the Northwest Regional Development Agency applies the following organizational measures:

• Temporary suspension of site visits related to the technical and financial/pre-contract evaluation stages, where appropriate;

• Temporary suspension of field visits related to the stage of verification of expenses reported by funding beneficiaries;

• Temporary suspension of current and ex-post monitoring visits;

• Temporarily suspending work meetings and replacing them with virtual meetings, as appropriate;

• The activity of implementing the ROP, namely the evaluation, selection and contracting activity, the activity of verifying the purchases, of the expenses made by the beneficiaries, as well as the monitoring activity, will be carried out by the staff of the ROP Intermediate Body and by the support staff exclusively through the services postal and electronic mail;

• Beneficiaries of the services offered by the Northwest Regional Development Agency are asked to opt for the online services available on the MySMIS 2014 portal and the REGIO Monitoring Platform (

• Applicants can receive information and support between the hours of 9-17 by e-mail or by phone at no. : 0264 431 550

• Correspondence with the beneficiaries/applicants of funding will be carried out exclusively by means of postal and electronic mail services.
The previously stated measures come into force as of March 17, 2020 and will be valid until a date to be communicated later.

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