Instruction 130/11.11.2019 on how to submit procurement files for their verification by the IO - North-West Regional Development Agency

Instruction no. 130/11.11.2019 Concerning the transmission of the procurement file, as well as the documents related to the procurements presented by the beneficiaries To the submission of payment/reimbursement requests

Art. 1. The procurement file for each type of procedure and containing the minimum of documents as specified in the AMPOR instruction no. 42 will be transmitted through the MySMIS application, procurement or communication module.

 1) The procurement file will have numbered pages and will include an opis of the documents.

2) The Beneficiary will no longer apply the mention "In accordance with the original", the signature of the legal representative/project manager/designated person on the copies of the documents that make up the procurement file, before the electronic copy is made. The electronic copy will be made only after numbering and describing the file. The electronic copy of the procurement file, respectively of the component documents, must be signed electronically by the legal representative/project manager/designated person.

 3) The obligation to submit the procurement file on paper to the OI is eliminated.

4) After uploading the procurement file in MySMIS, the beneficiary will inform the OI that he submitted the public procurement file using form of AMPOR Instruction no. 42, attached to this instruction. The form will be accompanied by an electronic copy on CD of the purchase file. Failure to submit form to the OI is equivalent to failure to submit the procurement file, respectively the verification deadlines arising from it.

5) In the situation where the beneficiary will upload the procurement file in the procurement module, the content corresponding to the sections of MySMIS, related to the stages of the procurement procedure, will be uploaded:

Planning, Publication, Procedure participants, Evaluation result, Purchase contract, Additional documents. If several procurement files will be uploaded to the same section of MySMIS, they must be unequivocally identified by the OI/AM representatives who are authorized to have access to them.

6) In the event that the OI/AMPOR checks the procurement procedure and finds that the procurement file does not have numbered pages, does not include a list of documents, is incomplete and cannot be properly identified in MySMIS, it has the right to request the beneficiary to submit it in paper format in compliance with the requirements imposed by AMPOR instruction no. 42.

This instruction represents the modification of the procedures regarding the verification of purchases and the conflict of interests and will be taken into account in the next review of the previously mentioned procedures.

Art. 2. The Management Authority for the Regional Operational Program and related Intermediate Bodies will carry out this Instruction by publishing it on their websites in order to inform the Beneficiaries of the projects financed by the Regional Operational Program.

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Instruction 130/11.11.2019 on how to submit procurement files for their verification by the IO - North-West Regional Development Agency
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