The IT&C field in Cluj is at the center of the actions included in the Initiative for Less Developed Regions of the European Commission

At the initiative of the North-West Regional Development Agency and with the support of the European Commission - DG REGIO, the Unit for Romania, the first meeting of the Regional Dialogue Committee took place today, May 16, 2017, for key actors from Information and Communications Technology (IT&C).

DG RegioThis Committee is, in fact, a pilot action within the framework The initiative for less developed regions of the European Commission, which lays the foundations for the collaboration between  local public administration, representatives of the business environment, representatives of universities and the non-governmental sphere, but also of other entities (e.g. accelerators, investment funds) - in the field of IT&C. Today's meeting had as its objective the identification and prioritization of the needs, challenges and barriers faced by the sector to be used in subsequent activities.

The action, at the moment, is addressed to an effervescent sector with a strong economic dynamic, especially at the level of Cluj county, whose development is important in the context of the digitalization of the economy and society. A large part of the results considered, especially the cooperation mechanisms and tools within the (Regional) Dialogue Committee, will be transferable later to other economic sectors and at the level of other administrative-territorial units, but also at the regional level.

The message from DG Regio on the occasion of the event:

"DG Regio welcomes the initiative to establish the (Regional) Dialogue Committee in the Northwest Development Region of Romania, to facilitate cooperation between businesses, administration, education and civil society in order to stimulate the competitiveness of the IT&C sector. This is one of the concrete examples of how regions can improve local conditions for the development of innovation, skills and entrepreneurship, using EU funds more effectively to trigger the process of economic change.

Through the "Less Developed Regions Initiative", the Commission helps regions to identify clear directions to support regional development strategies, with the help of EU funds. Four regions in Romania and Poland benefit from the support applied to exploit the endogenous potential and to develop investments and policies in response to existing needs. The North-West and North-East regions focus on strengthening the capabilities of smart specialization and competitiveness."

More information:

Contact details: Andreea Marcu, communication expert, phone: 0264/431550, fax: 0264/439222, mobile: 0755 777012,

"The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union or the Government of Romania".

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