Debate "Crisis of local media in post-truth Europe"

The North-West Regional Development Agency, the host of the Northern Transylvania Direct Europe Center, in collaboration with the Cluj Media Professionals Association, organizes on November 24,  the "Crisis of local media in post-truth Europe" debate.

We want to openly discuss the crisis in which the local press is and the possible ways of recovery. A European city like Cluj-Napoca deserves a European press. The economy has developed, the quality of life has increased, as have the expectations that people have in relation to the aspects that shape their existence in the capital of the most cosmopolitan region of the country. The administration and business environment are adapting, the press has lagged behind. To the chronic problems of local journalism, such as lack of credibility and underfunding, were added the challenges of the "post-truth" era. Since we believe that, in order to have a strong and prosperous community, Cluj needs a quality press, we want to invite to the same table representatives of media institutions, the administration, the business and university environment, to try to find solutions for this situation.

We invite you to participate in our event, which will take place at Liberty Technology Park, on November 24, 2017, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Registrations can be made by email

The agenda can be downloaded from here

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