The "European Funds" conference, organized by the BURSA newspaper, reached its 9th edition

conferences"European Funds", organized by Ziarul BURSA, reached its 9th edition


BURSA Press Group continues the series of annual conferences on the subject of European financing, already reaching its ninth edition.

The event will take place on October 31, 2017, starting with time 09:30 to Restaurant Elisabeta, from Bucharest, bld. Queen Elizabeth no. 45.

 ADR Nord-Vest is the media partner of the BURSA Group for the organization of this event.

Topics covered:

  • Why did we not manage to attract enough European funds??
  • Unblocking the absorption process for Romania;
  • Banking support for European funds;
  • Debureaucratization of the absorption process;
  • How do we attract money from the Juncker Plan?
  • European funds – the source through which the average living standards of Western states can be reached;
  • Areas of interest: agriculture, SMEs, energy, tourism, construction;
  • How we attract funds from the Common Agricultural Policy?


Guest speakers*:

  • Representative of the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds;
  • Representative of the Ministry of European Funds;
  • Toma Petcu, Minister of Energy;
  • Ilan Laufer, Minister, Ministry for the Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship;
  • Siegfried Muresan, Chief Negotiator of the European Parliament;
  • Angela Cristea, Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania (confirmed);
  • Eugene Teodorovici, Member of the Commission for European Affairs, Senate of Romania;
  • Cristian Parvan, President, Patronage of Indigenous Investors (PIAROM) (confirmed);
  • Mirela Iovu, Vice President, CEC Bank (confirmed);
  • Lightsţa Zezeanu, Chief, the POR Management Authority (AM POR) (confirmed);
  • Cristian Ghinea, Parliamentarian;
  • Adrian Ionut Chesnoiu, Director General, Agency for Financing Rural Investments (AFIR) (confirmed);
  • Florin Jianu, President, National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) (confirmed);
  • Andrei Stăncut, General Manager, Eurosmart Consult & Managing SRL (confirmed).

* to be confirmed


Representatives from the following institutions are invited: companies from the fields of activity eligible for European funding (agriculture, infrastructure, IT, energy, human resources, tourism, environment, transport, development of administrative capacity, increase in economic competitiveness); consulting and law companies; central and local public authorities; banks / financial institutions; mass media.


Indicative program European Funds Conference

Participation is free, subject to availability.

Confirmation of participation will be sent to the e-mail address:



Loredana Dorobantu

Marketing & PR Coordinator


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