Through the planning activity, ADR North-West aims to contribute to the achievement of the three basic objectives of the regional development policy in Romania, stipulated in Law no. 315/2004 on regional development:
– reducing imbalances existing regional;
– correlation of policies governmental sectors at the level of the regions;
– stimulating cooperation inter-regional, internal and international, cross-border.

Regional Development Plan (RDP) it is the main planning document developed at the regional level and reflects the relevant development policies at the European and national level in relation to the specific needs and challenges at the level of the region. The RDP represents the strategic basis for substantiating the projects initiated in the region and is a landmark both for the national authorities regarding the substantiation of the financing programs, as well as for the county / local authorities and potential public or private investors.

Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3 NV) identifies the priority sectors of intervention and the appropriate models for approaching this specialization in order to support specialized innovation processes among economic agents, through which to reach a structural transformation of these sectors, to increase their competitiveness in the global economy.

Sectoral Strategies they can complete the planning documents in areas of importance for the development of the region. The preparation of such documents may also represent an obligation to fulfill certain conditions regarding the use of funds in a certain financial exercise.

In order to support the objectives of the regional development policy and to fulfill the priorities established by the PDR, the North-West Regional Development Agency initiates or participates as a partner in various direct projects with EC, with non-refundable financing (own projects).

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