ADR Nord-Vest, through the North Transylvania Direct Europe Center, participates in NGO Fest 2017

Cluj will host again ONGFest this year. On July 1, the caravan of NGOs arrives on Strada Potaissa, let's enjoy the sun and the landscape of Romanian civil society together in an intimate and local setting.

This year, the National Festival of Non-Governmental Organizations invites you to a "Civic Break" where you can discover how active citizens are working to change the face of Romania. Now in its 8th edition, the aim of the Festival is to increase the number of citizens actively involved in the community, to promote associative spirit and to increase the involvement of NGOs in society. With a suitcase full of initiatives and the excitement of discovering new places, more than 200 NGOs put the most interestingactivities to impress the people of Cluj.

Details here


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