Purchase of conference room rental and catering services

Regarding the acquisition of: Conference room rental services and catering services

Purchase object: Organization of a training seminar for public beneficiaries, regarding the implementation of projects financed by the REGIO Regional Operational Program 2014–2020.

Location: Cluj Napoca, ultra-central positioning, approximately 500 m away from the secondary headquarters of ADR NV, on Calea Dorobantilor no 3, Cluj-Napoca 400118; ADR Nord-Vest also requests the right to visit the location before awarding the contract and reserves the right to refuse collaboration if the location does not present impeccable conditions from the point of view of aesthetics and hygiene.

Estimated value in lei without VAT: The estimated value is 50 lei for coffee break services + VAT/participant and 100 lei for lunch services + VAT/participant, respectively a total estimated value of 150 lei + VAT/participant;

Estimated value of the conference room: 900 lei + VAT

Purchase object description (technical specifications):

  • Meeting room rental:
  • A conference room is requested for 8 hours (which is not located in the basement or semi-basement) with a capacity of approximately 30 participants;
  • Presidium table, equipped with a microphone;
  • Conference room/theatre layout;
  • Equipment: sound system, video projector and projection screen, presidium;
  • 2 mobile microphones;
  • flip charts;
  • 1 table for guest registration at the entrance to the hall.
  • Catering services for an estimated number of 28 people organized as follows:
    • 1.Coffee break (10 a.m. – for half of the confirmed number of people; 2:15 p.m. – for half of the confirmed number of people):
    • Coffee, milk, cups, white/brown sugar;
    • Water 1 bottle of still mineral water 0.33 l/person + 1 bottle of carbonated mineral water at 0.33 l/person;
    • Tea 3 varieties: mint, fruit and green, hot water, brown/white sugar;
    • Pastry sweet/salty;
    • Fruits.
    • 2. Lunch:
    • Swedish buffet lunch consisting of the following: soup, main course and dessert;
    • Coffee, milk, cups, white/brown sugar;
    • Plain/mineral water at 0.5l;
    • Natural juice and carbonated water.

The final number of participants will be confirmed one day before the event, which may be higher or lower than the initially estimated number.

The financial offer is drawn up in lei, with and without VAT, and will contain the costs grouped as follows:

  • Service cost for coffee break;
  • Cost of services for lunch;
  • Event hall rental cost;
  • Total event cost.

Period: April 28, 2022

Award criteria: the lowest price / total offer, subject to the full fulfillment of the requirements and technical specifications. 

Deadline for submitting offers: 21.04.2022 at 10 am

Offers are sent by email to the address achizitii@nord-vest.ro

The language of the offer is Romanian.

Additional information can be obtained from the Contracting Authority: ADR Nord-Vest, secondary office in Cluj-Napoca, Str. Dorobantsilor no 3, code 400118, phone +40264431550, fax: +40 264439222, email achizitii@nord-vest.ro to the attention of the Public Procurement Office.

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