Purchase of medical services for employees of the North-West Regional Development Agency

Regarding the acquisition of: Medical services, in order to investigate the state of health of employees.

Purchase object: Medical services intended for ADR Nord-Vest employees, in the form of a monthly subscription, as follows:

a) Occupational medicine services according to the labor code Law 53/2003;

b) Specialized medical services and paraclinical investigations only on the recommendation of the occupational medicine doctor and/or the family doctor or a specialist doctor;

Purchase object description (technical specifications): The requested medical services are:

  1. Occupational medicine services according to the labor code Law 53/2003:
  • Medical control at employment
  • Periodic medical check-up at the employer's premises;
  • Re-evaluation of the work capacity if necessary (change of the type of work/function; deterioration of the state of health);
  • Dedicated occupational medicine physician;
  • The occupational medicine doctor's participation in CSSM meetings as CSSM member;
  • Annual reports on the state of health of employees;
  • Monthly access/service provision reports.

2. Specialized medical services and paraclinical investigations on the recommendation of the occupational medicine doctor and/or the specialist doctor or the family doctor, for employees of ADR Nord-Vest:

  • Screening package (according to international medical guidelines): 1 time/year
    • Classic Pap test / PSA;
    • Urine Summary;
    • Blood sugar;
    • total cholesterol;
    • Blood count;
    • HSV;
    • Transaminases (TGO, TGP);
    • Serum creatinine.

  • Consultations/control of medical services, for:
    • General medicine;
    • Obstetrics/gynecology (pregnancy protocol, colposcopy included);
    • Ophthalmology (ophthalmoscopy, autorefractometry with cycloplegia, biomicroscopy, visual field (optopol), contact lens adaptation course, fundus examination, subconjunctival injection, retrobulbar medication, glasses prescription, contact lens prescription, tonometry, blepharitis treatment with blephasteam);
    • Dermatology (wood's lamp analysis, biopsy, cauterization, cryotherapy, dermatoscopy, etc.);
    • Cardiology (resting EKG, stress EKG, ultrasound, holter EKG, jolter TA, sa);
    • Endocrinology;
    • Gastroenterology (endoscopy, rectosigmoidoscopy, sa);
    • Neurology;
    • ENT (audiometry, impedance meters, biopsy, endoscopy, fiboscopy, etc.);
    • Rheumatology;
    • Urology;
    • Allergology and immunology;
    • Infectious diseases;
    • Surgery;
    • Diabetes (nutrition counseling for diabetics, etc.);
    • Hematology;
    • Nephrology;
    • Oncology;
    • Orthopedics;
    • Pneumophysiology (spirometry, sa);
  • Medical recovery (consultation, procedures);
  • Laboratory tests;
  • Imaging (Mammography, CT, MRI, Radiology, Urography, Osteodensiometry, etc.);
  • Emergency medicine-hotline 24/7 and consultation in the emergency room;
  • Monthly access/service provision reports.

The requested technical specifications are minimal and mandatory, and the answer to these requirements must be found within the technical proposal, under the penalty of its rejection.

            Payment is made monthly, in lei, in the form of a subscription, depending on the number of employees on the invoicing date.

The financial offer will contain the costs per employee/month

The criterion used for awarding the contract is The lowest price.

Additional information can be obtained from the Contracting Authority: ADR Nord-Vest, secondary headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no. 3, code 400118, phone +40264431550, fax: +40 264439222, email achizitii@nord-vest.ro, to the attention of the Public Procurement Office.

Deadline for submitting offers: 23.11.2022, 11 am.

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