The contract related to the project "Construction of a new school for the theoretical high school "Gelu Voievod" Gilău classes I-IV" was signed

The contract related to the project "Construction of a new school "Gelu Voievod" Theoretical High School Gilău classes I-IV" was signed, Beneficiary: UAT Commune Gilău, SMIS code 122099.

The project is financed through ROP 2014-2020, Priority Axis 10 – Improving the educational infrastructure, Investment Priority 10.1 Investments in education and training, including vocational training, for the acquisition of skills and lifelong learning through the development of education and training infrastructures , Specific objective 10.1 - Increasing the degree of participation in early education and compulsory education, especially for children at high risk of leaving the system early.

The project implementation period is 57 months, respectively between 22.09.2016 and 31.05.2021.

The total value of the project is 12,691,617.59 lei, of which the non-refundable financial support from the European Regional Development Fund is 10,215,465.56 lei.

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