ADR Nord-Vest puts out to competition 1 public procurement Expert position, for an indefinite period

ADR Nord-Vest offers the following to the competition  post  vacancy for Public Procurement Expert, for an indefinite period, within the Office of Public Procurement and Technical Assistance for Own Projects, Economic Directorate

Main Responsibilities:

- Carrying out the public procurements provided for in the financing contracts of the IO, financed from the ROP / POAT and the agency's own projects and monitoring the performance of the procurement contracts as well as tracking the compliance with the delivery conditions and the other contractual conditions for the administrative contracts;

-Participating in the identification of the procurement needs, collecting and centralizing information from the agency's directions and departments;

– Elaboration and implementation of the annual Public Procurement Program;

– Elaboration of the annual public procurement strategy;

-Identifying potential suppliers for each category of purchases, creating and updating their records;

- Carrying out the reception of the purchased goods, services or works and participating in their reception Committees;

- Preparing detailed analysis reports and proposals regarding the improvement of the activities in his area of responsibility.


Studies / qualifications:

University studies, bachelor's level in the following fundamental fields/branches of science, as provided for in Government Decision no. 615/2017:

– legal sciences, economic sciences;

Other requirements: 

           – Qualification/improvement/specialization/training course in the field of public procurement;

 The experience:

  • experience of at least 2 years in the field of public procurement, after graduation;


 PC operating skills (Word, Excel).

  • Stress resistance; patience; diplomacy; self-control capacity; responsibility; sociability; balance, analogical thinking, inclination towards analysis and investigation, emotional stability; developed ethical sense; orientation towards discipline, order, punctuality.
  • Ability to work under pressure; the ability to maintain good relations with others; sense of responsibility; team spirit; initiative.
  • Knowledge of contract management (sale-purchase, rental, works/services provision);

Bibliography for the competition:

  • Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement;
  • Law no. 101/2016 regarding remedies and appeals in the matter of awarding public procurement contracts, sectoral contracts and works concession and service concession contracts, as well as for the organization and functioning of the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals;
  • Government Decision no. 395/2016 for the approval of the Methodological Norms for the application of the provisions relating to the awarding of the public procurement contract/framework agreement from Law no. 98/2016;
  • Government Decision no. 866/2016 for the modification and completion of the Methodological Application Norms approved by GD no. 394/2016 and by HG no. 395/2016;
  • ANAP INSTRUCTION No. 1/2017 of January 4, 2017 issued in application of the provisions of art. 179 lit. g) and art. 187 para. (8) lit. a) from Law no. 98/2016 regarding public procurement, respectively of art. 192 lit. g) and of art. 209 para. (8) from Law no. 99/2016 on sectoral acquisitions
  • ANAP INSTRUCTION No. 2/2017 of April 19, 2017 issued in application of the provisions of art. 178 and art. 179 lit. a) and b) from Law no. 98/2016 regarding public procurement, with subsequent additions, respectively of the provisions of art. 191 and art. 192 lit. a) and b) from Law no. 99/2016 on sectoral acquisitions
  • ANAP INSTRUCTION No. 3/2017 of August 8, 2017 regarding the amendments to the public procurement contract/sectoral procurement contract/framework agreement and the classification of these amendments as substantial or non-substantial

Organizational information:

  • The announcement regarding the organized competition will be sent to AJOFM and will be posted on the ADR Nord-Vest website on 04/17/2018.
  • Interested persons, who meet the specified mandatory requirements, will send the following documents by email to the address
  • copy of identity document;
  • CV dated and signed;
  • the letter of intent with the date of submission and signature;
  • copies according to study documents;
  • copy of driver's license;
  • copies of the documents certifying the professional experience (according to the requirements), signed and stamped, with the registration number from the employer;
  • copies of any official legal documents, relevant to prove training/certifications and/or acquired knowledge (signed, stamped and with registration number);
  • certificate issued by the family doctor or qualified medical units, from which it can be concluded that the person in question is fit to perform the work for which he is applying for employment (issued no more than 6 months before the competition);
  • the criminal record (valid for 6 months from the date of issue) or declaration on your own responsibility that there are no entries in the criminal record.
  • on 27.04.2018, until 4:00 p.m., only people who meet the mandatory requirements of the position will be contacted by phone or e-mail to be invited to appear for the competition.
  • The written test (written test of knowledge in the specialized field according to the bibliography, as well as the PC-Word and Excel operating knowledge test) will be held at the secondary headquarters of ADR North-West at the address in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no. 3 , Cluj on 04.05.2018, starting at 10.00 am. The duration of the examination is on average 3 hours.
  • The communication of the results obtained in the written test (written test, PC operation test) will be done by phone or email until 09.05.2018, at 16:00.
  • The selection interviews will take place on 15.05.2018, at the time communicated by the commission, at the secondary headquarters of ADR Northwest at the address in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no. 3, Jud. Cluj. Only candidates who obtained the minimum score required for promotion in the interview stage will participate in the selection interview.
  • The communication of the results obtained at the selection interview and the respective final results of the competition will be made by 24.05.2018, after the completion of the work of the recruitment and selection committee.
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