CM POR meeting in Baia Mare

The North-West Regional Development Agency was the host of the 2014-2020 ROP Monitoring Committee meeting, between November 23-25, in Baia Mare.

The representatives of DG REGIO – European Commission, Mr. Carsten Rasmunssen, head of the Unit for Romania, Mrs. Iulia Șerban and Mr. Koen DeLange and the management of the POR Management Authority – Mr. AM POR General Director Gabriel Friptu and Mrs. Luiza Radu, Head of AM, as well as officials from all 8 development regions of Romania participated in the meeting and the visits to the successful projects in Maramureş.

Mrs. Sanda Cătană, general director of ADR Northwest, together with the beneficiaries from Maramureş, presented the projects Baia Mare Central Municipal Park, Maramureş County Hospital and the Circuit of Wooden Churches to the guests.

An important moment was the confirmation by AMPOR, by presenting the summary and final program data, that the North-West Region is in first place in terms of absorption on REGIO 2007-2013, with the percentage of 90%.

At the meeting, the POR CM members approved the eligibility and evaluation criteria for:

– investment priority 3.1.-Supporting energy efficiency, intelligent energy management and the use of energy from renewable sources in public infrastructures, including public buildings, and in the housing sector, Operation B – Public buildings;

– Priority Axis 4 – Supporting sustainable urban development;

 the calls to be launched for Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) – Danube Delta: energy efficiency in residential buildings, county roads, regeneration of degraded land.

It was also established to launch a national (not regional) call for priority to investtion 8.1., the specific objective 8.3. – Increasing the degree of coverage with social services (vulnerable groups, children and people with disabilities). The related financial allocations are 16.32 million euros for the vulnerable groups "children" and 73.41 million euros for "people with disabilities".






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