Launch of the public procurement procedure for supplying consumable products, service and spare parts for copiers, faxes and printers

The Northwest Regional Development Agency, as the Contracting Authority, invites you to participate in the public procurement Supply consumable products, service and spare parts for copiers, faxes and printers from ADR Nord-Vest equipment.

 Estimated value 26436.91 lei without VAT

For consumables and spare parts 17450 lei without VAT of which:

– 6000 lei without VAT from own funds,

- 1450 lei without VAT from POAT

– 10,000 lei without VAT from the POR

For service 8986.91 lei without VAT of which:

– 3000 lei without VAT from own funds

-2686.91 lei without VAT from POAT

– 3300 lei without VAT from the POR

Interested bidders will request the list of estimated, necessary consumables and spare parts and the list of devices from the ADR NV equipment for which the offer is requested and will publish on the website in the heading Procedures for awarding-direct purchases-catalog of products/services/works. The offer is posted in the SEAP electronic catalog, at the code CPV 30125100-2 Toner cartridges and will have the name:Copier consumables and service ADR NV

Failure to comply with the names may lead to the impossibility of selecting the offers by the contracting authority.

The language of the offer is Romanian.

Funding source:

own funds,

Regional Operational Program 2014 – 2020 in the North-West Region, Axis 12,

Financial support for the North-West ADR, in order to fulfill the delegated activities regarding the implementation of POSCCE in the period 2016-2018

Bidders must prove that they are an authorized Gestetner/Ricoh service and that:

- they have the possibility to intervene within a maximum of 2 hours at the headquarters of ADR Nord-Vest in Cluj-Napoca, str. Dorobantilor no. 3 and within a maximum of 24 hours at the County Offices in the territory (Oradea, Zalau, Baia-Mare, Satu Mare, Bistrita) to ascertain malfunction

- that you have at least 2 Gestetner/Ricoh trained service employees

Financial offers are drawn up with the unit price and the total value with and without VAT. The value of the monthly subscription for the service, without VAT, is highlighted separately in the offer. The total value that is published in SEAP is the value without VAT of the original consumables needed for copiers/printers and faxes added to the value of the 12-month subscription without VAT.

The criterion used for awarding the contract is The lowest price

Additional information can be obtained from the Contracting Authority: ADR Nord-Vets, secondary headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, str. Dorobantilor no 3, code 400118, phone +40264431550, fax: +40 264439222, email, to the attention of the Public Procurement Office.

Deadline for submission of offers 30.01.2017

Technical specifications for the purchase of service, spare parts and consumables

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