The Romanian government designed the settlement mechanism for medical equipment and medical protective equipment in response to the COVID pandemic!

During this period, the Romanian government is supporting, through funding from European funds, the efforts for the procurement of medical equipment but also for the procurement of protective equipment intended for the medical personnel who serve this equipment as well as for the medical personnel who are involved in the treatment of patients contaminated with the coronavirus.

At the level of the Ministry of European Funds, by order of the minister, a team of specialists was established who are at your disposal through the helpdesk. Thus, your questions can be formulated on the e-mail address, and the team of specialists will answer you within a maximum of one day from the date of formulating the questions

The category of medical equipment settled from European funds includes all those categories of medical equipment that are used directly/indirectly for the treatment of sick patients, such as: ventilators, monitoring stations, injectors, automatizers, isolettes, laryngoscopes, etc.
The category of medical protective equipment includes: protective masks, coveralls, protective gloves, disinfectants as well as other protective equipment intended for medical personnel directly/indirectly involved in the treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus.

Thus, the expenses made or to be made from own funds or by allocating funds from local authorities or, as the case may be, from the state budget, the social health insurance budget, will follow the settlement regime from European funds.

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