The National Council of SMEs in Romania, in partnership with ADR NV, organized the event "EUROPEAN FUNDS FOR SMEs 2021-2027"

The "EUROPEAN FUNDS FOR SMEs 2021-2027" event is the first of the series of events within the "Invest IN" program, an initiative to promote financing and development opportunities, organized at regional level in partnership with development agencies (ADR) from each region of the country.

Thus, under the theme "EUROPEAN FUNDS FOR SMEs 2021-2027" and in the presence of over 150 entrepreneurs, the event debated the main opportunities for financing and development of the business environment in the North-West region alongside the following speakers:

Florin JIANU, President CNIPMMR
Ioan Marcel BOLOŞ, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization
Dumitru ÇIPLEA, Prefect of Bihor County
Florin BIRTA, Mayor of the Municipality of Oradea
Oana BâRA, Head of Financing Programs BCR
Anca Ioana ROMAN, Technical expert intelligent specialization ADR NV
Mircea MIHEȘTEAN, Executive Director IMM Agency Cluj-Napoca
Sterica FUDULEA, General Secretary CNIPMMR, Member of CA FNGCIMM
Ioan MINTAȘ, First Vice-President CNIPMMR, President IMM Bihor

During the debate, the most important financing programs dedicated to SMEs at the regional and national level were promoted and presented: IMM Prod, Garant Construct, Start-up Nation, the Microindustrialization Program, Electric UP, but also other projects for SMEs- ures in the field of digitization, digital transformation, for smart specialization or internationalization.

"I am glad to be present today in Oradea and to open the series of events -Invest IN- which refer to European regional and national funds dedicated to SMEs in the period 2021-2027. The events come as a result of the request of entrepreneurs and our desire as representatives of the business environment to bring information to SMEs in advance, so that they are prepared for the next programmatic period, the involvement and activity of all stakeholders, authorities, partners institutional and private, being particularly necessary. Through my involvement in the Board of Directors of FNGCIMM, I also want to give good news to entrepreneurs and the public and social environment in Bihor: the opening of a representative office of FNGCIMM in Oradea. The decision comes as a result of the efficiency and great interest of the business environment regarding the activity of the guarantee fund, Bihor county being in 2nd place at the national level in terms of the IMM Invest program, which shows a dynamic business environment that needs support to develop even more", Florin Jianu, president of CNIPMMR.


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The National Council of SMEs in Romania, in partnership with ADR NV, organized the event "EUROPEAN FUNDS FOR SMEs 2021-2027"
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