Archiving referent competition

1. Archiving officer a post for an indefinite period, within the Administrative-Logistics Department, Economic Directorate.

- ensuring the archiving and preservation of the documents in the archive regime of the Northwest ADR in accordance with the legislation in the field;
- drafting the archival nomenclature, managing the documentary fund, processing documents, using the information from the documents, managing the preservation activity of the archive in the warehouse.


Studies / qualifications:
– secondary education completed with a baccalaureate diploma;
- Graduation certificate issued by the ANC (CNFPA), COR code 441501 or Certificate of professional competence obtained after graduating from the post-secondary training course "Organization and management of the current archive", issued by a higher education institution;

Professional experience:
- experience in the archiving activity of at least 5 years, proven by documents (workbook, certificate, REVISAL report, employment contract);

– the legislation regarding the preparation of the archival nomenclature;
- normative acts that establish categories of documents and retention periods;
– the principles underlying the systematization of documents in the warehouse;
– transport rules of the archival fund;
- rules for establishing the archive at the level of organizational compartments;
– rules for document administration;
- technical rules for keeping and preserving documents;
– document management;
– general notions of organizational management;
- very good knowledge of PC operation;
– knowledge regarding regulations, national and European legislation in the field of structural funds;

Personal skills and traits:
– very good planning and organization capacity;
– attention, responsibility, meticulousness, rigor, exactingness, professionalism, efficiency;
– tendency towards stability; responsibility; moral character.

Other requirements:
- having a category B driver's license is an advantage.

– Law no. 315/2004 regarding regional development in Romania;
– Law no. 16/1996 (*republished*) regarding the National Archives;
– Law no. 138/2013 for the amendment and completion of the National Archives Law no. 16/1996;
– MAI order no. 137/2013 – for the approval of the Methodological Norms regarding the application of some provisions of the National Archives Law no. 16/1996;
– Instructions regarding archive activity for the creators and holders of documents, approved by the management of the National Archives by Order of the day no. 217/23.05.1996.


Interested persons, who meet the specified mandatory requirements, will send the following documents by email to by Tuesday, 29.11.2016, at 2:00 p.m.:
– CV dated and signed;
– the letter of intent with the date of submission and signature;
- copies according to study documents;
- copies of the certification document (CNFPA / ANC) for the occupation "archivist";
- copies of the attesting documents experience in archiving activity, signed and stamped, with registration number;
- copies of the attesting documents length of service, respectively employment card and/or seniority certificate, REVISAL report, employment contract, signed and stamped, with registration number from the employer, as well as any other official legal documents.
• Wednesday, on 07.12.2016, until 16.00, only people who meet the mandatory requirements of the position will be contacted by phone and e-mail to be invited to appear for the job competition.
• Examination (written test of knowledge in the specialized field according to the bibliography and PC-WORD and EXCEL operation test) will take place at the secondary headquarters of ADR North-West at the address in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no. 3, Jud. Cluj, Friday, 09.12.2016, starting at 10:00 a.m., in the meeting room on the fifth floor. The duration of the examination is on average 2.5 hours.
• Communication of the results obtained in the competition tests (written test and PC operation test) will be done by phone and email, until Wednesday, 14.12.2016, at 16:00.
• Selection interviews will take place on Monday, 19.12.2016, at the time communicated by the commission, at the secondary headquarters of ADR Northwest at the address in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no. 3, Jud. Cluj. Only candidates who obtained the minimum score required for promotion in the interview stage will participate in the selection interview.
• Communication of results finals of the competition/examination will be done by 22.12.2016, after the completion of the work of the recruitment and selection committee.

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