The North-West Regional Development Agency is preparing to organize new entrepreneurial discovery workshops

The North-West Regional Development Agency (North-West Regional Development Agency) invites SMEs, newly established innovative enterprises, research organizations, research groups and NGOs, both from the North-West Development Region and from the other regions of of the country, but aimed at the development of projects or collaborations in the North-West Development Region, to participate in future entrepreneurial discovery workshops. Groups of representatives of Local Public Authorities who intend to develop business support structures (for example: smart specialization parks) are also invited to participate in these workshops.

The targeted areas, according to the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Northwest Development Region (RIS3), are:

Pillar 1: Innovation for the well-being of the population

Subgroup 1: Health/medical fields and health and wellness tourism

Subgroup 2: Cosmetics, food supplements and Agrofood

Pillar 2: Emerging technologies

Subgroup 1: Renewable energies

Subgroup 2: Robotics and Automation

Subgroup 3: Bio and nanotechnologies

Subgroup 4: Electronics, micro-electronics and nano-electronics

Subgroup 5: New materials

Pillar 3: ICT

Group: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (intended for LPAs aiming at the development of Intelligent Specialization Parks)

Group: Education centers for students in RIS3 impact fields (intended for NGOs and companies that intend to develop educational activities specific to certain RIS3 fields, for example: robotics, electronics, etc.)

In order to create fast and efficient communication channels, ADR Nord-West, through the Department of Intelligent Specialization, proposes the formation of working groups on the WhatsApp application that will be focused on the projects' support measures and ensure a framework for dialogue and information for future entrepreneurial discovery workshops and for future calls for projects through the Northwest Regional Operational Program 2021-2027.

In this regard, interested persons are asked to express their desire to take part in these workshops by filling out the form in the following link:

The groups will help to achieve a more efficient and pragmatic framework for information and dialogue, and all documents, materials and information used in the discussions in these groups will also be accessible to the general public.

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The North-West Regional Development Agency is preparing to organize new entrepreneurial discovery workshops
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