Purchase for financial audit services

The Northwest Regional Development Agency, as the Contracting Authority, invites you to participate in the purchase of financial audit services, in accordance with the International Financial Audit Standards fully adopted by the Chamber of Financial Auditors from Romania / ISA, of the financial statements of ADR NORTH-WEST  for the exercise ended on 31.12.2016 drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Order 1969/2007 (with subsequent amendments) issued by the Romanian Minister of Public Finance

The winning bidder, at the conclusion of the service contract, must present the following supporting documents to the Contracting Authority:

- Certificate of attestation of the quality of financial auditor issued by CAFR - legalized copy.

- Membership card with the mention "ACTIVE" - copy

- Fiscal certificate issued by the territorial financial administration to which the headquarters of the natural or legal person is located in the original

- Declaration on the financial auditor's own responsibility, from which it can be seen that he has not been sanctioned in the last 3 years by the Monitoring and Professional Competence Department of CAFR

Estimated value: 15,000 lei

Funding source: Own funds

Interested bidders will publish on the website https://www.e-licitatie.ro in the heading Procedures for awarding - direct purchases - catalog of products/services/works. The offer is posted in the SEAP electronic catalog, at the code CPV 79212100-4 Financial auditing services and will have the name: Services offinancial audit for ADR NV.Failure to comply with the names may lead to the impossibility of selecting the offers by the contracting authority. Offers can also be sent by email to the address secretariat@nord-vest.ro/ nicoleta.glodan@nord-vest.ro.The language of writing the offer is Romanian.

Financial offers are drawn up with the highlighting of the unit price and the total value with and without VAT.

The criterion used for awarding the contract is The lowest price

Additional information can be obtained from the Contracting Authority: ADR Nord-Vets, secondary headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, str. Dorobantilor no 3, code 400118, phone +40264431550, fax: +40 264439222, email secretariat@nord-vest.ro/ nicoleta.glodan@nord-vest.ro, to the attention of the Public Procurement Office.

Deadline for submission of offers 01.03.2017.

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Purchase for financial audit services
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