Purchase of printing services

Purchase of printing and related services, in order to complete the exhaustive Catalog of REGIO projects, which includes the projects implemented in Northern Transylvania through the 2007-2013 POR, according to the following specifications:

 Technical technical specifications

Comprehensive catalog existing stage:

  • The B5 catalog layout was created - 512 pages in InDesign
  • 432 two-color pages of text content and 80 pages grouped into 16 full-color pages, pictures arranged in the order of projects and counties, were digitally redacted.
  • The cover has been completed.

Exhaustive Catalog continuation of the project:

  • The current form of presenting color images is abandoned.
  • The format of the catalog and the form of technical editing of the text are preserved.
  • The images already processed in the 80 color pages + new unprocessed ones will be inserted approximately to each project.
  • the catalog will become full color.
  • It is estimated that the catalog will increase by approximately 112 pages in addition to the 80 pages that will be rearranged.

Type technical specifications

  • Finished format B5.
  • Approximately 624 pages + cover.
  • Inside: quality offset paper at 80g/m2.
  • Pattern: 4+4 colors.
  • Cover: 300g/m2. Color: 4+0., matte wrapping 4+0 and
  • selective varnishing on the cover. (approximately 20% of the surface of the front cover and the back cover)
  • Design
  • Finishing: broaching.
  • Print run: 250 pcs.

Specifications pdf.

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