Achizitie de servicii catering si inchiriere sală

Purchase object: Organizare seminar de instruire destinat beneficiarilor privaţi, privind implementarea proiectelor finanţate prin programul REGIO 2014 – 2020, Axa prioritară 2 – Îmbunătăţirea competitivităţii întreprinderilor mici şi mijlocii.

Location: Cluj Napoca, ultra-central, own parking. ADR Nord-Vest can visit the locations before awarding the contract and can refuse those that do not present impeccable conditions from the point of view of aesthetics and engineering.

Purchase object description (technical specifications):

  1. Meeting room rental
  • A conference room is required for 6 hours (which is not located in the basement or semi-basement) with a capacity of approximately 70 participants
  • Presidium table, equipped with a microphone
  • Conference room / theater type arrangement
  • Equipment: sound system, video projector and projection screen, presidium,
  • 2 mobile microphones,
  • flip chart
  • 1 table for the registration of guests at the entrance to the hall;
  1. Servicii de catering pentru un număr estimativ de 70 de persoane organizata astfel :
    1. Welcome coffee
  • Coffee, milk, disposable glasses/cups, white/brown sugar,
  • The water 1 bottle of still mineral water 0.33 l / person + 1 bottle of carbonated mineral water at 0.33 l / person;
  • What do you have 3 varieties: mint, fruit and green, hot water, brown sugar,
  • Pastry sweet/salty
  • fruits
    1. Pranz
  • Masa de pranz tip bufet suedez care sa contina urmatoarele: meniu normal, (supa – 2 feluri, fel principal – 2 feluri, desert – 2 feluri)
  • Coffee, milk, disposable glasses/cups, white/brown sugar
  • The water plată/minerală la 0,5l
  • Suc natural si carbogazos

The final number of participants will be confirmed one day before the event, which may be higher or lower than the initially estimated number.

Estimated value in lei without VAT: Valoarea estimată 75 lei + Tva /participant;

Valoare estimata sala de conferinta 800 de lei + TVA

Period: 12 iunie 2018

Alte menţiuniSala va fi echipata pentru a putea gazdui prezentari pe tematica reuniunii de lucru.

Award criteria: the lowest price / total offer, subject to the full fulfillment of the requirements and technical specifications.

Additional information can be obtained from the Contracting Authority: ADR Nord-Vest, secondary office in Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobantilor no 3, code 400118, phone +40264431550, fax: +40 264439222, email, in attention of the Public Procurement Office.

Termen depunere oferte 04.06.2018

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