The contract related to the project "Modernization and endowment of an integrated community center in Săcuieu commune, Cluj county" was signed

The contract related to the "Modernization and endowment of the integrated community center in Săcuieu commune, Cluj county" project was signed, Beneficiary: Săcuieu Commune Territorial Administrative Unit, SMIS code 153150.

The project is financed through ROP 2014-2020, Priority Axis 8 – Development of sanitary and social infrastructure, Investment Priority 8.1 – Investments in sanitary and social infrastructures that contribute to development at the level
national, regional and local, reducing health inequalities and promoting social inclusion by improving access to social, cultural and recreational services, as well as moving from institutional services to services provided by communities.

The project implementation period is 19 months, i.e. between 01.10.2021 and 30.04.2023, this also includes the period of project activities before the signing of the financing contract, according to the rules of eligibility of expenses.

The total value of the project is 505,756.44 lei, of which the non-refundable financial support from the European Regional Development Fund is 334,870.51 lei.

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