The specific Guide related to the call for projects for PI 4.2 has been modified

On 22.08.2019, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP) issued the order to amend and supplement the Applicant's Guide. Specific conditions for accessing the funds within the investment priority 4.2. Carrying out actions aimed at improving the urban environment, revitalizing cities, regenerating and decontamination of disused industrial lands (including reconversion areas), reducing air pollution and promoting noise reduction measures, within the Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2014-2020.

Thus, the amendment aims at:

Section 3.2 Eligibility of the project and activities, point 2, commencement of work before the signing of the contract.

Section 4.1 Mandatory annexes to the submission of the application, point 7, paragraph Note.

The consolidated form of the annex of the Specific Guide is published on the website

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