The Applicant's Guide has been modified - Specific conditions for accessing funds for investment priority 5.1

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration revised one of the specific conditions in the financing contract applicable to projects whose investment objective is historical monuments, regarding the extension of the project implementation period.

The new provision is published at

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The Regional Operational Program (POR) 2014-2020 is one of the programs through which Romania can access European structural and investment funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), during the current programming period.
ROP 2014-2020 is managed by the Management Authority for ROP within the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and was adopted by the European Commission on June 23, 2015. Its general objective is to increase economic competitiveness and improve the living conditions of local communities and regional, by supporting the development of the business environment, infrastructure and services, for the sustainable development of the regions, so that they can effectively manage their resources and capitalize on their potential for innovation and assimilation of technological progress.

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