The C-Voucher project allocates 4.2 million euros for the development of innovative circular economy solutions by small and medium-sized enterprises in the agri-food, processing, textile, water and health industries.

The North-West Regional Development Agency is part of the consortium of this project within which, during the first semester of 2020, two funding calls were organized, consisting of the awarding of innovation vouchers and support services.

24 circular economy projects benefited from a financial package of support, consultancy and mentoring for the development and implementation of the solution. Optimizing and reusing waste, replacing it with biodegradable materials, extending the life cycle of products, digital solutions for waste management in industry, resource sharing platforms – these are some of the topics addressed in these innovative projects, which we invite you to explore through the references provided below.

A new call will be available starting from August 2020 until October, to prepare the adoption of circular solutions by businesses, by awarding another 24 vouchers worth 15,000 euros each and support services.

The results of the two calls are as follows:


For 3 months while the call was open, 120 applications were submitted from 32 countries, 10 being from Romania. Following the evaluation, 18 companies were selected to participate in Circular Solutions Adoption Program, held between January and March 2020, two of which are from Romania.

As part of the Acceleration Program, the companies benefited from an integrated support package that consisted of assistance for the development of a business plan and a pitch presentation, mentoring and coaching for the inclusion of the circular solution in the company's processes as well as the identification of funding sources national and European from public and private sources, suitable for the further development of the proposed innovative solution. Following the completion and validation of the business plan, each company received the circular economy voucher worth 15,000 euros, which can be used for the actual implementation of the solution or for other collateral needs.    

The complete list of companies that have gone through the development stages of the circular economy solution within the Acceleration Program is a great source of inspiration for adopting and transforming linear business management models into circular, environmentally friendly models: https://c-voucher.com/winners-1st-open-call-adopters/

COMPANYDetails of the circular economy solutionThe country
Transylvania Brew Producer of artisanal cider from Transylvania, proposes solutions for the use of apple residues resulting from cider production, in the food industry and nutritional supplements.Romania
Tailor Studio Fashion creation and design workshop, offers clothing and protective equipment made of smart textiles, based on natural fibers.Romania
Abomey LabsInnovative start-up, developing a sustainable supply chain, based on rare organic ingredients from Africa, such as shea, baobab, marula, moringa, hibiscus. It proposes the creation of a 100% natural cosmetics brand, waste-free production and reduction of plastic consumption for packaging.France
RTFACT BrandsAccessories made of biodegradable cork materialFrance
produits  BERGERUnique home fragrance brand that purifies and perfumes the air by successfully combining tradition and modernity through the production of scented lamps, reed diffusers and candles.France
Guardio Water and energy savings through a device that detects shower water consumption through motion, temperature, humidity, sound sensors and through a display that guides the user to make the time spent in the shower as efficient and short as possible .    Denmark
The braIt is based on the exploitation of waste from the brewing and milling industry, after processing, nutritious products (proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals) are obtained.Denmark
Zito A new life for used furniture - wood recycling and reuse platform, industrial design. Denmark
Made by usTactical sensory integration toys designed to help develop sensory integration and support children with special needs (autism, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorders)Denmark
The Loop Factory ABPlatform for managing textile waste, obtaining new fabrics through recycling and non-invasive treatments, while maintaining the properties of the fiber.Sweden
GRAFREN ABThe development of an innovative filter for the purification of mining water based on grapheneSweden
HollbiumThe development of indoor hydroponic systems, which make it possible to grow edible plants at home or in the office.Sweden
Ingeniería y Control MERASYS Platform for trading organic products and from small producers, development of an application aimed at reducing food wasteSpain
Krill DesignThe processing of organic waste, to create ecological products through 3D printing of bioplastic, being used by the same companies that provided the waste. Developing a European network of waste suppliers and 3D printers for their processing. Italy
vegeInnovative procedure for the textile industry, to obtain a synthetic leather material based on the processing of coffee grounds. Italy
Redrose Developments The development of innovative technologies to capitalize on the benefits of seaweed and to be able to offer quality food productsIreland
Dowmann LtdDesign, build and operate plants that process and convert green waste (biomass) into pellets, used by authorities to generate renewable heat and replace the use of fossil fuels.Ireland
BC materials Start-up that produces carbon-neutral, circular products from the earth collected following the excavation process in urban mining, which do not contribute to the depletion of resources and help maintain a healthy climate.Belgium


Of the 90 projects submitted by companies from 26 countries, 13 qualified for the semi-finals in Paris, benefiting from a travel voucher and a one-day intensive training session provided by C-Voucher experts, for supporting the final presentation. Out of 7 applications from Romania, two qualified in the semi-final, respectively Kematronic – with expertise in the field of waste water, member of the CLEMS cluster and Fibrex – manufacturer of sanitary installations, both from the North-West Region.

Following the final presentation in Paris in March, the external jury, with expertise on circular economy and technology transfer, together with the 13 partner organizations in the C-Voucher project, designated the 6 winning companies that will benefit for 9 months by the Acceleration Program for the Circular Economy: https://c-voucher.com/smes-to-onboard-second-round-of-the-circularity-programme/

FIBREXInnovative circular solution for the reuse of waste obtained from the production of bathtubsRomania
REXCONReuse solution of prefabricated construction materials, such as modular wallsDenmark
PLANKTONID ENVIRONMENTWater purification solution based on microalgaeFrance
KRACK SHOEMAKERShoe waste reuse solutionSpain
ARTEXIntegrated solution for the reuse of upholstery sponge for seats and benches in the car and train industrySweden
DANSKE VAERKTOEJSolution for collection and reuse of metal tools by melting and 3D castingDenmark

The integrated package for the development of the circular solution and the implementation at the level of your own business consists of:

  • voucher of 58,000 euros to contract technology support services, digitization, prototyping, testing
  • constant assistance from an expert - consultant with the role of design thinking and organizational management, for changing the business model from linear to circular
  • business mentorship from the Blumorpho Accelerator, C-Voucher partner organization
  • assistance in identifying and attracting other public and private funding sources to ensure the sustainability of the solution implementation or for further development

To stay in touch with the news of the C-Voucher project on circular economy topics and to explore possibilities of collaboration with beneficiary companies or partner organizations, join the C-VOUCHER COMMUNITY! https://c-voucher.com/community/

The C-Voucher team of ADR Nord-West

Project manager – Ioana Dragoș

Expert Designer coaching & mentoring – Mihai Dragomir

Implementation experts – Ioana Pavel, Beatrice Moldovan

Communication expert - Ovidiu Mărginean

Financial expert – Angela Man

Head of Department – Dorin C. Domuța

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