10 years of Europe Direct Northern Transylvania

The Europe Direct Northern Transylvania Regional Center obtains funding from the European Commission for the 10th consecutive year, for an action plan that will be carried out under the slogan "10 years of the European Union: Northern Transylvania before&after".

The center is a project of the Northwest Regional Development Agency, which we have been implementing since 2008, and the project budget for 2017 is 23,450 euros.

"For the year 2017, the Center's events will be more focused on the 10 years of the European Union and the real effects of membership in the great family of Europe on the regional community", said Mrs. Sanda Cătană, interim general director of ADR Northwest.

Among the most important actions that will take place in 2017 are: the organization and/or co-organization of four events intended for a specific local or regional audience: photo contest "10 years of the European Union: Northern Transylvania before&after", Regional debate for journalists, Workshop dedicated to the private environment on the theme of "Jobs, Growth and Investment", Education Day - October 5, Traveling photo exhibition "10 years of the European Union: Northern Transylvania and Veliko Tarnovo, before&after. Another activity will be the creation of 10 infographics that will demonstrate the positive effects on the residents of our region and their promotion on social media.

Target groups targeted by these activities are: the general public; online audience; employed journalists, bloggers, freelancers, media organizations and the media in general; children, students; beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of the 2014-2020 operational programs (micro-enterprises, NGOs, local public authorities, hospitals, universities); the ED network and other EC communication networks; multipliers of European information.

Contact details: Andreea Marcu, communication expert, Northern Transylvania Direct Europe Center, Northwest Regional Development Agency, tel: 0264/431550, fax: 0264/439222, mobile: 0755 777012, comunicare@nord-vest.ro, www.nord-vest.ro, europedirect.nord-vest.ro, https://www.facebook.com/europedirect.cluj/, www.youtube.com/user/ADRNordVest


Europe Direct centers are a local contact point for all EU institutions and cooperate with other active information partners. They complement and support the activity of the European Commission Representations and the Information Offices of the European Parliament at the local and regional level.

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