North-West RDA

The North-West Region of Roumania

The North-West Regional Development Agency is a non-governmental organization of public interest, established in accordance with Law 151/1998 (the law on regional development, subsequently repealed by Law 315/2004), by Decision no. 4 / 16.12.1998 of the Council for Regional Development of the North-West Development Region, as a public utility NGO, with legal personality, acting in specific fields of regional development, being coordinated by the Regional Development Council.

The role of North-West RDA is to reduce regional imbalances by correlating sectoral policies, stimulating initiatives, capitalizing on local and regional resources and strengthening intra- and inter-regional cooperation, in order to develop sustainable economic and social development.

Area of intervention is the North-West Development Region, consisting of 6 counties: Cluj, Bihor, Maramureș, Satu Mare, Bistrița-Năsăud and Salaj;

Main activities:

  • Based on GEO no. 122 / 29.07.2020, the North-West RDA became the Managing Authority (MA) for the Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2021-2027 for the North-West Region.
  • Intermediate Body of the Regional Operational Program (ROP 2007-2013, ROP 2014-2020);
  • Elaboration, updating and monitoring of the Regional Development Plan (RDP) and of the strategic plans and documents from different sectors elaborated at regional level;
  • Regional planning: regional development strategies, plans and programs;
  • Organizing and developing regional partnerships and promoting European Union policies and practices at regional level;
  • Attracting other European funds, by implementing projects to support research and territorial cooperation, the economic environment, research and public authorities.

The North-West Regional Development Agency (RDA) is the coordinator and editor of 5 Regional Development Plans (RDPs), developed in partnership with the Regional Planning Committee: RDP 2000-2003, RDP 2004-2006, RDP 2007-2013, RDP 2014-2020 and RDP 2021-2027.

The North-West RDA developed the Smart Specialization Strategy of the region, with the support of European Commission experts, and financial assistance received within the ROP Technical Assistance Project 2014-2020, during 2016-2018. The support received from the EC Joint Research Center was funded by a preparatory action of the European Parliament and is part of the DG Regio and Urban Policy pilot project for less developed regions „Lagging regions”. The document was updated during 2020, taking into account the new legislative package on the implementation of European funds related to the financial framework 2021-2027.

The North-West RDA has facilitated, since 2008, the creation of clusters in strategic areas with potential for the economic development of the region, such as geothermal energy and water, renewable energies, furniture manufacturing, IT sector, etc., being the initiator of three of the seven existing clusters at regional level – Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Cluj IT and TREC Transylvania Energy Cluster.

As an intermediate Body for the implementation of the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, the agency has so far contracted and managed more than 1.000 projects worth more than 9.000 mil. lei total value.


  • Established in 1998 as a NUTS II development region by the association of 6 counties: Bihor, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Cluj, Maramureş, Satu-Mare and Sălaj
  • Surface 34,159 km2 – 14.32% of the total surface of Romania
  • Population over 2,6 million – 13% of the total population of Romania.

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